This blog is a personal blog, a place where I just come to be me. It is also a place I come to give full rein to my long latent passion-writing.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, it is to a blank page I run and by the time I’m done traversing its span, I find my soul liberated from all that tried to steal its joy.

In writing, I discover parts of myself that I never knew existed and share in God’s creative nature, seeking to craft a masterpiece out of every line.

I am positive that you will be able to relate with the experiences on this blog, be it a phase of life you have passed, are currently in, or approaching. As I unveil myself to you, my satisfaction would only be complete if you shared your own stories with me.

Come with me on this journey as we master the art of BEING; being who were created to be, not who we’ve been compelled to become by loved ones or society.