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(Dedicated to mum: you are more than I could ever ask for)

 The smell of mentholated spirit filled the air as I walked into room. I’ve watched the tufts of gray hair on mother’s head increase over the years. Occasionally, she dyed it, but only the edges. She said the more dye, the faster the grays re-appeared and she was right. It was easy to see with dad’s own hair.

She pierced herself Continue reading “SURVIVING ON A NEEDLE”

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No More Regrets

My estranged friend called today. He wanted to know why I failed to wish him a happy birthday when he celebrated few days ago.

“No call or text?” He asked.

“I knew you’d get lots of those” I replied, “So I chose to pray for you instead”

I decided to keep it short but that wasn’t all I had to say. I decided to Continue reading “No More Regrets”

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Feeling Lovesick

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There can be days; days when I wish I had found my soul-mate—someone who loves me back as fiercely as I love him…and a little more. On such days, I mourn my lost loves. Memories of goodbyes arch a frown on my face. Then I sigh and conclude that perhaps, love will find a way when it’s time; otherwise, it’s no use sweating things. It’s no use preserving an expired relationship, for instance; because that means at its eventual funeral, you would have greater stench to deal with. Forget Resurrection Sundays when it comes to this. Wisdom lies in knowing when to give up, Continue reading “Feeling Lovesick”