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Love’s Resignation

When it’s day,

It’s easy to make

A mockery of darkness

It’s easy to tell the sun

To hide its rays

We tell ourselves:

We’d feel through the darkness

And find a way


The sun smiles on

With no response

It has watched for eons

The disillusionment of lovers

And heard from a distance

Their mortal midnight moans

Which somehow when it’s day,

Becloud their sense of reasoning


Darkness hears its name

In honey-dipped promises

Of infatuated hearts

It descends…unexpected…

Not as dusk though

Nor as clouds at a breeding storm

But as an eclipse,

Right in the middle of noon


Indeed we grope and find a way

But out of the places

We promised we’d stay

Swearing “Never again”

How many broken bottles

Can our feet take?

How many more walls

To stumble in before it is day?

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For My Lover

Beneath your black sweats and blue jean,

What is it you hide?

I know deceit is not your intent

But sure there must be scars:

Those long sustained and freshly made

Those wholly healed and partly so


If someday beneath those sheets

I stroked that spot a bit too hard

Will blood spill in trickles or gushes?

Will you pour curses on my passion?

Or discern you’d never healed?


In your sugar-coated lines,

I hear the poetry of unrequited love

In the cackles of your laughter,

I hear the distant cries of betrayal’s sting

And sometimes when you smile, fear invades your eyes

Your gestures humming the sound- “Don’t leave me this time”


I love you anyway

With every beat of my heart

With every hidden crevice

And all the broken pieces

Tomorrow when amidst kind stares

We exchange the golden circles

You’d be more than a husband

More than a lover and partner

More than a confidant and my private clown



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(Dedicated to mum: you are more than I could ever ask for)

 The smell of mentholated spirit filled the air as I walked into room. I’ve watched the tufts of gray hair on mother’s head increase over the years. Occasionally, she dyed it, but only the edges. She said the more dye, the faster the grays re-appeared and she was right. It was easy to see with dad’s own hair.

She pierced herself Continue reading “SURVIVING ON A NEEDLE”

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Fitting In

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I hadn’t discovered myself because I’d failed to explore those places where my strengths laid. I looked like a failure because I always tried to do what I wasn’t wired for simply because those around me were wired that way and it was just expected that I should follow suit.

I explored my weaknesses. My favourite dresses and blanket were sewn from pieces of my inadequacies Continue reading “Fitting In”

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Feeling Lovesick

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There can be days; days when I wish I had found my soul-mate—someone who loves me back as fiercely as I love him…and a little more. On such days, I mourn my lost loves. Memories of goodbyes arch a frown on my face. Then I sigh and conclude that perhaps, love will find a way when it’s time; otherwise, it’s no use sweating things. It’s no use preserving an expired relationship, for instance; because that means at its eventual funeral, you would have greater stench to deal with. Forget Resurrection Sundays when it comes to this. Wisdom lies in knowing when to give up, Continue reading “Feeling Lovesick”