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Love’s Resignation

When it’s day,

It’s easy to make

A mockery of darkness

It’s easy to tell the sun

To hide its rays

We tell ourselves:

We’d feel through the darkness

And find a way


The sun smiles on

With no response

It has watched for eons

The disillusionment of lovers

And heard from a distance

Their mortal midnight moans

Which somehow when it’s day,

Becloud their sense of reasoning


Darkness hears its name

In honey-dipped promises

Of infatuated hearts

It descends…unexpected…

Not as dusk though

Nor as clouds at a breeding storm

But as an eclipse,

Right in the middle of noon


Indeed we grope and find a way

But out of the places

We promised we’d stay

Swearing “Never again”

How many broken bottles

Can our feet take?

How many more walls

To stumble in before it is day?



Poetry freak. Chemical engineer-in-training. Daughter of the Most High.

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